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    Your Path to Demonstrating Compliance
    The world is rapidly warming up to cryptocurrencies. As we step into 2023, our data points to an impressive growth in crypto adoption, with an estimated 4.2% of the global population, or over 420 million people, now actively using crypto.

    Global Breakdown of Crypto Ownership:
    + North America: 54 Million
    + South America: 33 Million
    + Europe: 31 Million
    + Africa: 38 Million
    + Asia: 260 Million
    + Oceania: 15 Million

    As the crypto universe expands, there's a parallel surge in the need for regulatory adherence. To ensure the sustained growth of this market, it's paramount that crypto entities stay compliant with both local and international regulations, as well as payment and card provider specifications.

    Even before high-profile crypto crashes, institutions like acquiring banks were wary of working with cryptocurrency businesses. We offer you a clear and structured path to demonstrating your compliance.
    CompliancePass is your sure-fire way to prove your cryptocurrency business is compliant with local laws and industry rules. Through our platform, you communicate with a team of international legal experts and compliance analysts that will guide you through the process.
    The result is a comprehensive legal opinion detailing how your business meets laws in the jurisdictions you want to operate in as well as industry standards like card scheme requirements. We make you ready to work with even the most demanding organisations.

    How do you stay compliant? CompliancePass is more than a one-time legal analysis. We re-validate your status monthly and constantly monitor the regulatory landscape for changes that might impact your organisation. If we notice any changes, you will immediately be notified and our team will work with you to keep your compliant in every area.

    Accredited by & Compliant with:

    Our extensive experience in crypto payment compliance has allowed us to thoroughly understand the standards set by industry leaders like Mastecard and Worldpay.

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    In collaboration with Web Shield, we've served hundreds of clients over the years, including leading names in the cryptocurrency market.

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    Web Shield (Germany)
    Web Shield (Germany)

    Web Shield is a trusted merchant due diligence partner of globally operating acquiring banks and payment service providers. It offers Software-as-a-service and managed services for merchant onboarding and monitoring. Web Shield is an official Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP).

    Wołoszański & Partners (Poland)
    Wołoszański & Partners (Poland)

    Wołoszański & Partners, comprised of lawyers with extensive expertise in cryptocurrencies, is Poland’s only law firm member of the Alliott Global Alliance. The law firm experts are known for their success and acumen in handling particularly complex cases for international clients.

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