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At Wołoszański & Wspólnicy, we support innovative companies in achieving safe development in the new technology market. We explain the intricate cryptocurrency regulations in plain and simple language to help you adapt to them wisely. We remove legal obstacles so that you can fully focus on the implementation of your project. We will be a comprehensive source of support regardless of which side of the transaction you stand on.

We guarantee the compliance of your project with legal regulations – both in the local and international markets.

Scope of services

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    Advice on ICO

    We will help you with the tokenization of your venture and care of its legal security. We will guide you in choosing the right jurisdiction and types of tokens, developing whitepaper and obtaining the necessary authorisations.

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    Setting up a cryptocurrency exchange or bureau de change

    Grow your business without legal obstacles. We will analyse your situation and advise you on how to minimise regulatory obligations. We will help you with jurisdiction selection, licensing and compliance with AML and PSD2 regulations.

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    Contracts and regulations

    We will prepare the legal documentation for your project, saving you time and protecting you against possible risks. We prepare investment or cooperation agreements as well as service provision regulations that are compliant with the EU requirements.

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    Legal opinions

    We will analyse the assumptions of the planned project in the context of compliance with regulations and the achievement of your business objectives. We will prepare a reliable, transparent opinion that will provide you with practical answers to your questions.

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