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  • Klaudia Trościańczyk

    Klaudia Trościańczyk

    Finance Manager


    Finance & Accounting
    Business analytics


    Real estate
    Financial sector


    Klaudia has over 7 years of experience in finance, management accounting and business analytics. She is a valuable asset for the Board and the managers, providing reliable financial information and plays a key role in management decisions.

    Her practical skills are on par with the extensive theoretical knowledge, and she strives continuously to improve the same. To this end, in 2021, she completed her postgraduate studies at Kozminski University entitled “Financial Director”.

    In the course of her professional path, she was involved in the preparation of annual and multi-year financial plans, budgets and financial statements, as well as the creation and improvement of financial and controlling models. She supervised the correctness and timeliness of keeping accounting books, tax records and all settlement documentation.

    She is involved in handling data for financial risk analysis and collaboration with external and internal auditors. She supported management boards in shaping company strategy, decision making and financial planning. In addition, she was in charge of companies’ accounting and performed analysis, control and optimisation of company costs.

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