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  • Personal Data Protection

    We help you look after the security of your personal data and minimise the business risks associated with data leaks.

    Every company processes personal data.
    Not all protect them well.

    And lack of protection has its consequences. Violating the provisions of the RODO can result in high financial penalties for the company – up to €20 million or 4% of the annual turnover.

    This can be prevented.

    We have several ways of doing this:

    • Ongoing data protection consulting

      We provide individual consultation on the implementation of new solutions, changes in legislation and other issues related to the protection of personal data. We advise on how to safely comply with the imposed legal obligations.

    • Legal compliance audit

      We analyse the areas selected by you with respect to compliance with regulations. We check data collection methods, records or procedures. We define irregularities and prepare detailed guidelines for amendments. Thanks to the audit, you know what to change and how in order to best eliminate the risk of data leakage and financial penalties.

    • GDPR implementations

      We deal with the elimination of detected incompatibilities, i.e., development and implementation of the necessary documentation, procedures and systems in your company. We implement a stable system of personal data protection, which you can safely use for years.

    • Maintaining compliance with GDPR

      We conduct regular audits of the functioning of implemented or existing systems. We analyse the correctness of their use by employees and their compliance with changing requirements. This ensures that your data is safe, and so is your business in the event of an audit.