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    Protect your privacy with our webcam covers.

    You might have seen it already. Our law firm has been handing out webcam covers for quite a while now. This isn’t just a random gadget that we have decided to give out just because it is fun.

    Webcamera Cover
    We at Wołoszański & Partners strongly believe in the safety and privacy of our clients. Our goal is to keep our clients’ businesses safe. No matter if we are talking about a legal point of view or a technical and privacy perspective.

    People tend to forget that when you are on your laptop, you have a camera – the webcam – pointed at your face the entire time. If your computer is unsafe, this camera can be connected to the internet and accessed by people who know how to exploit these security gaps.


    Safeguard your privacy in only a couple of seconds

    Webcamera cover by WLAW

    This webcam cover is a practical, easy and safe to use solution that doesn’t affect the performance and utility of your laptop in any way. Just attach it on your laptop, where the built-in webcam is, and ta-da, you have an extra layer of physical security that no hacker can circumvent.

    Thanks to the self-adhesive design, this only takes a couple of seconds. After attaching the webcam cover, simply use the sliding mechanism to cover up the webcam when you don’t have it turned on. This will not only secure your privacy at home or in the office; but also will protect your webcam camera from scratches and dirt.


    Our global mission

    At Wołoszański & Partners, we help keep businesses safe in an ever-changing legal and digital landscape and help them get the most out of new market opportunities.

    We strive to prevent issues before they become problems. When it comes to legal aspects, strategical planning and business negotiations, data protection, and digital safety – we proactively support our clients from different perspectives.

    Find out more about our legal services. Not sure which support you need? Drop us a line for a free consultation.