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  • Real Estate

    We advise on the safe planning and execution of investments in a rapidly changing market.

    Safety pays

    Navigate the real estate industry with confidence with the support of experienced legal advisors. We will help you spot opportunities and avoid risks associated with the investment process. Hence, you not only minimise the risk of an unfavourable transaction in legal terms, but also in financial terms.

    Our competence and market knowledge work effectively for our clients’ business goals. Now, they can also work for you.

    How we can help you:

    • Transaction consultancy

      We help you make profitable decisions regarding the purchase, sale, extension or use of any property. We identify both the opportunities and risks associated with each transaction.

    • Contracts

      We prepare, analyse and provide opinions on contracts of lease, tenancy or sale of real estate. We translate legal jargon into conventional terms, showing you what complicated provisions mean in practice.

    • Investment analysis

      We analyse the legal status of real estate at any stage of the investment process. We detect potential threats that may complicate implementation.