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  • Legal Support for Start-ups

    Develop your start-up without legal obstacles at the stage of its creation and after market entry.

    With us, the law is on your side

    We will help you minimise or eliminate the legal risks specific to innovative ventures. We advise start-up founders at all stages of project development – from acquiring an investor, through the R&D phase and subsequent investment rounds, to the safe launch of the solution on the market. Take care of the proper protection of your project regardless of its stage of development and with the support of a trusted lawyer.

    How we can help you:

    • Business model analysis

      You will learn about all the legal opportunities and risks that may affect the development of your project. This will eliminate risks right away and give you a strong start.

    • Protection of intellectual property

      A company has only one brand, so we will take care of its protection. We will register trademarks, help you obtain patents, and secure copyrights as well as property rights.

    • Choosing the legal form of your business

      We will advise you on the legal form and capital structure you should choose in order to protect yourself and simultaneously minimise business costs.

    • Contracts

      With partners, employees, or investors. We will prepare contracts that will take care of your legal interests, including protection in case of conflict. You can rest assured.

    • Investment process

      We accompany you at every stage of the investment process – from presenting your idea/product to investors, through negotiations, to signing the final contract.

    • Development of legal documentation

      From bylaws to data protection documents. We will also ensure you are updated in line with changing legislation.