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  • Szkolenia prawne z influencer marketingu - Wołoszański i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawne

    From A to Z: The Legal Basics of Working with Influencers.

    We'll guide you through the safe paths to compliance and show how to enjoy the perks without the pitfalls.
    Home Services Training: The Legal Basics of Working with Influencers.
    How to Collaborate with Influencers Without Taking Risks?
    Looking to dive into influencer collaborations but the mere thought of legal hurdles makes your head spin? Take a deep breath – you're in for a treat. Our training offers you a unique chance to learn how to engage effectively and calmly. You'll get more than just run-of-the-mill guidelines – you'll receive tailor-made, actionable solutions that fit your business like a glove. After all, every company and influencer has their own unique story, right?

    From drafting agreements to monitoring performance and even making a graceful exit if things don't go as planned, we've got you covered from A to Z. We'll clarify how to properly label sponsored posts and steer clear of accusations of stealth advertising – a favorite trap set by the consumer protection authorities.

    During our session, we'll walk you through real-life case studies, analyses, and scenarios you might encounter. More importantly, you'll walk away with practical tools and strategies that really work. Because theory without practice is like a gun without bullets.

    Don't let uncertainty and a lack of knowledge slow down your success. Join us and discover how to build strong, effective relationships in the influencer world.
    Why choose our training?
    Why choose our training?

    Take a moment to watch our video and get acquainted with our trainers. You’ll quickly see why our program could be the key piece you’ve been searching for on your journey to success.

    Sample Training Agenda
    Think of this agenda as your guide through the essential legal aspects of influencer marketing. However, brace yourself - what lies ahead is much more than just a mere outline.

    Before the training kicks off, we'll schedule a brief chat. It's our way of ensuring that you receive tailored and maximum value from the sessions. We'll delve into your experiences with influencers, your future plans, and any areas where you may feel uncertain. This personalized approach guarantees that our training hits the mark precisely for you.
    Szkolenia prawne z influencer marketingu - Wołoszański i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Prawne
    How to Establish Effective Collaboration Terms with an Influencer
    In this part of the training, you'll learn how to clearly outline what's expected from both parties in your collaboration and establish fair compensation. We'll delve into real-life case studies, highlighting common pitfalls so you can steer clear of them and navigate your agreements with confidence.
    Contract of Mandate or Contract for Specific Work? Choose Wisely!
    Let's explore the practical differences between these two types of contracts, including their tax and insurance implications. We won't just explain; we'll also provide concrete examples to illustrate when it's advantageous to opt for a contract of mandate and when it's preferable to choose a contract for specific work.
    Safe Collaboration with Influencers: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Monitor Actions
    At this stage of our training, we'll show you how to shield yourself from potential slip-ups. We'll dive into the control mechanisms you should include in your contracts to ensure both parties can sleep soundly. You'll also discover specific ways to keep an eye on whether influencers are actually doing what they're supposed to do. Because, let's face it, prevention is better than cure, right?
    Copyrights in Collaboration with Influencers: How to Protect Them?
    Now, let's delve into the nuances of copyright laws when working with influencers. You'll learn the importance of protecting these rights, and we'll clarify who owns the content created together and the rules governing its use. It's all about ensuring that everyone plays fair in the creative sandbox.
    Barter Agreements with Influencers: How to Construct Win-Win Partnerships
    In this part of our training, we're focusing on the secrets of bartering—essentially, the art of exchanging products for services. You'll learn how to step by step craft a barter agreement that leaves all parties feeling secure and satisfied with its terms. It's about making sure everyone involved feels like they've hit the jackpot.
    Influencer as a Business Owner vs. Influencer as a Private Individual
    Is your influencer a business owner or a self-employed private individual? In this part of the training, you'll learn the key differences and the legal, tax, and insurance consequences that could affect your company depending on the nature of your collaboration with an influencer. It's about understanding the fine print to ensure your partnership is as smooth as a well-edited Instagram post.
    Your Benefits
    This unique training has been meticulously crafted to provide you not just with the essential knowledge, but also with practical tools that enable effective collaboration with influencers. Let us show you how our offering can transform your approach to influencer marketing and bring tangible benefits to your business. Here are four key advantages you gain by participating in our program:
    Practical Knowledge from the Get-Go
    Our aim is to deliver valuable knowledge without the fluff, making the most of your time and investment. We tailor the training to the specific needs of your company, providing information that's precisely aligned with your industry, the unique aspects of your organization, your planned marketing strategies, and the goals you have for your campaign. This ensures that every minute spent in our training is directly beneficial to you and your business.
    Influencer Strategy Blueprint
    During our training, we'll collaboratively develop a strategic approach for your company's collaboration with influencers. You'll learn how to effectively initiate conversations with influencers, implement control mechanisms in contracts, protect your company's copyrights, and safely and beneficially conclude collaborations. This comprehensive strategy ensures you're prepared for every phase of the influencer partnership, from start to finish.
    Digital Knowledge Compendium
    Upon completing the training, you will receive from us a detailed summary of the topics discussed and the action plan we created together. This will provide a solid foundation for further activities and facilitate the implementation of new knowledge in practice, ensuring you have a comprehensive guide to refer back to as you apply what you've learned to your business strategies.
    Certificate of Completion
    After finishing the training, you will receive a certificate that confirms your skills in risk management and compliance within influencer marketing. This is not just a boost to your professionalism but also contributes to the success and legal security of your company, demonstrating your commitment and expertise in navigating the complex world of influencer collaborations.
    Experience Working with Us: Client Testimonials.
    What Do Clients Say About Working with Us?
    From the very beginning, our cooperation with Wołoszański & Partners was professional and focused on our needs. Thanks to the competencies and determination of the people taking care of our company, we have successfully managed to achieve the intended goals. We are glad that there are professionals such as Wołoszański & Partners that understand the specificities of the digital/e-commerce market and can address our needs and expectations.
    Mateusz Łukianiuk
    Country Manager at Admitad Poland
    (Partner Marketing Platform for Advertisers and Influencers)
    As KRESK Group, the owner of the SVR, Lazartigue and FILLMED brands operating in the dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, we have been cooperating with Wołoszański i Wspólnicy for several years. We rely on legal assistance in statutory matters and those relating to the day-to-day business operations. Thanks to the Law Firm's excellent knowledge of issues from various areas of law, pro-business approach, reacting in advance to the changing environment, reliability and timeliness we can be sure that our projects are in good hands. And the most important thing: Michał Wołoszański and his colleagues are the team of young, committed, dynamic people with open minds. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the Law Firm and we recommend it with full conviction.
    Monika Nowak-Bartyzel
    General Manager Fillmed Polska
    I particularly value the fast and proactive support we gained by joining forces with the highly proficient team at Wołoszański & Partners. Having pooled resources and worked side by side with them for the past number of years, I am undoubtedly confident that I can count on their perception and understanding of the specifics of the market, our business strategy, and our objectives. When we team up in unison on projects, I genuinely believe they are part of our squad, and we can mutually rely on and confide in each other.
    Artur Szczepanski
    Senior Country Manager | International Business Division
    Hyundai Capital Europe GmbH
    As the CEO of Hyundai Motor Poland Sp. z o. o., I worked closely with the team at Wołoszański & Partners law firm for over 3,5 years. Their lawyers exhibit a strong sense of professionalism and are deeply knowledgeable about the automotive industry. The team integrated very well with our company, offering support to our management at all levels and aiding the efficient operation of our processes. When it came to international matters, they collaborated effectively with Hyundai headquarters and branches and demonstrated a keen understanding of cultural nuances.
    Young Jin Lee
    President & CEO of Hyundai Motor Poland Sp. z o.o.
    from 2020 to 2023

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    Comprehensive Program: "Efficiency and Compliance in Influencer Marketing"

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    Comprehensive Program: "Efficiency and Compliance in Influencer Marketing"
    If your company has experience working with influencers but some projects haven't lived up to your expectations, we've got just the thing. Our 'Efficiency and Compliance in Influencer Marketing' program is specially crafted with three key components to help you hit your targets across the board, ensuring your influencer collaborations are both effective and compliant.
    Training and Workshops for Teams
    Empower your team with the knowledge to forge beneficial and legally compliant partnerships with influencers.
    Review your current influencer collaboration terms to spot opportunities for improvement.
    Implementing Changes and Maintaining Results
    Seamlessly integrate suggested improvements without disrupting your company's operational flow.
    Why Choose Wołoszański & Partners?
    Everything You Need, All in One Place
    Get the legal protection and advice you need across all areas, without the hassle of finding extra experts. Our extensive network means we've got you covered on even the most niche topics.
    Legal Solutions for Today, With Tomorrow in Mind
    We get how decisions ripple through your business. That’s why we offer solutions that not only address today's needs but also anticipate the future, keeping all parts of your organization in mind.
    Worldwide Legal Assistance
    Our global network spans over 97 countries, providing you with top-tier legal advice and service wherever your business takes you.
    Empowering You to Make Informed Choices
    We produce straightforward, easy-to-understand corporate materials and procedures. Important information is always up front and key points are highlighted, ensuring you never miss what matters most.
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