Foreign law firms

Opening Polish legal borders for your law firm and your clients

We believe that good cooperation
starts with good relations

We relentlessly help our partners meet the challenge of their clients’ international expansion with high standards of professional ethics and trust. We also support you by providing the right competence that your law firm needs.

With our cooperation, you can provide the highest quality, reliable and comprehensive legal services to your clients in the Polish market. From standard advice on regulations to handling complex merger and acquisition processes, our guidance will pave the way to your success.

Why is it worth it?

Total customer focus

We focus on bringing value to the collaboration between your law firm and your clients. We anticipate potential issues and questions to save you time and money.

An ethical approach to business

You decide whether we serve your customers through you or directly. We keep you informed of all our activities – you always know what we do for your customer and how we do it.

Full range of services in one place

Your client gains legal protection in every area – without having to find additional experts. We provide service even in rare subjects, thanks to our extensive network of contacts.

Is working with us your only way? Definitely not.
But is it the most advantageous?
Decide for yourself – explore the other options:

  • 01

    Setting up a foreign branch of your law firm in Poland

    While you will have full autonomy over the new branch, 2 obstacles will be in your way: time and cost. You will need to recruit local lawyers and send some of your staff to the Polish office. Financially, this will only pay off if you have the right amount of work.

  • 02

    Hiring a local lawyer

    This option will replace the foreign subsidiary and provide access to expertise though limited. In the case of complex or extensive projects, the support of one person is not enough.

  • 03

    Command network

    You can establish a relationship with a local law firm by referring your clients to them. In this way, you provide them with foreign legal services at a relatively low cost. However, as you have no guarantee of quality, you risk damaging your relationship with your client.

Meet our dedicated team at Wołoszański & Partners

Our experts are known for their success in handling particularly complex cases for international clients. Among them, we have executive MBA graduates, approved compliance officers and experts in competition law, data protection and many other areas.

Strategic memberships & partnerships
We build them day by day

Alliott Global Alliance

As part of our alliance with the Alliott Global Alliance Group, we handle the legal service needs of member law firms in Poland.

Automotive Market Lawyers Association

We are improving our competence in legal services for the automotive sector to provide our clients with unparalleled services.


We are committed to developing investment and business activities in Poland, drawing inspiration from the best business practices.

Our specialisations

Together, let's create an international team to comprehensively meet the needs of your customers in the Polish market.

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