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    Increase the efficiency and comfort of your daily work with the help of a trusted partner

    Do you feel like your right hand is missing?

    When responsibilities are multiplying and legal processes need to be optimised quickly, do you feel like you could use the hours spent keeping up with the current regulatory developments more efficiently?

    At Wołoszański & Wspólnicy, we free up in-house lawyers’ time and assist them in providing legal services to companies. We adapt to the company’s existing processes and take over time-consuming responsibilities: from being up-to-date with the changes in regulations and proposing solutions to building an effective system for managing legal processes.

    Discover solutions that will improve both your work and the functioning of the entire company:

    A system that makes you work smarter, not harder

    With outsourcing, you cover all your corporate needs in a single service: from day-to-day consultancy to corporate governance and trademark verification. We proactively optimise processes to generate savings and increase the efficiency of your business operations.
    We offer outsourced legal services in the form of a permanent service on a lump sum basis or regular on-call services in the office.

    Why is it worth it?

    Higher efficiency at a lower cost

    Outsourcing will not only meet your current needs but also continuously improve existing solutions to optimise costs and increase your business's efficiency.

    All your documents at your fingertips

    You will possess a consistent and transparent legal system with verified documents and procedures. No more problems arising from inaccurate records or lost contracts.

    Constant insight into project reports

    Thanks to our dedicated online platform, you will always have instant access to the current progress of your assignments – no emails, phone calls or wasted time.

    How does it work?

    • 01

      Needs survey

      At a joint meeting, we discuss the company's goals, needs, problems and challenges. We get acquainted with the company’s current manner of functioning to design a comprehensive, optimal system of operation together in a selected area.

    • 02

      Pilot project

      We check whether the proposed solution brings the expected results. During the pilot project, we operate the company in the selected scope and transfer legal services to the new management model on our platform. At the end of the pilot, you can decide whether the service has met your expectations and whether you want to continue with it.

    • 03


      We implement full outsourcing of legal services in the company once we receive your approval. We keep you updated about the performance of your operations, and you have constant access to all the reports from our platform in real-time.

    • 04

      Continuous optimisation

      We constantly refine the existing processes according to your priorities and needs. Parallel to the ongoing provision of legal services, we carry out 3 to 4 improvement projects per quarter. In the final report, we summarise the results and set targets for the next period. You are always made aware of the what, how and when of our operations.

    We turn convoluted definitions into clear messages

    Speak the language of your audience – communicate in a way they understand and enjoy. We create user-friendly corporate documents and procedures. They can be read and understood effortlessly not just by lawyers but by all users. We will help you turn complex legalese into useful, easy-to-read and legally compliant communications.

    Dlaczego warto?

    Faster reading

    It will no longer be necessary to read one document several times to fully understand it. Thanks to the use of accessible language, you can familiarise yourself with the records much faster.

    Easier to understand

    No more complicated legal jargon that can only be deciphered with a dictionary in hand. By simplifying the messages, every recipient will understand the obligations, procedures or guidelines.

    Improved memorisation

    Thanks to the clear instructions, employees will get used to their new duties faster: they will perform their tasks efficiently and correctly. People will recollect and retain what they understand more easily.

    The result? Positive perception of the company

    Simple language makes documents readable for users and, therefore, better received by them. As a result, you increase the likelihood of a positive perception of your messages as well as your brand.

    Legal security for the company – comfort for you

    During the audit, we will help you detect legal risks and counteract them effectively. We will check whether the company operates as per the applicable regulations, indicate areas for improvement and prepare specific guidelines for changes.
    As a result, you will start effectively preventing problems instead of waiting for them to emerge. You will minimise risks, which will ultimately get rid of stress. Additionally, you will gain time and energy for other activities.

    Why is it worth it?

    Elimination of business risks

    Issues with regulations often result in high financial penalties or the imposition of restrictions on the operation of the company. With an audit, you can minimise the risk of business restrictions and develop your business without unexpected legal obstacles.

    Legal security

    You have the assurance that you are operating in compliance with current regulations and are prepared for a possible audit. With our specific guidelines, you can document key activities as proof of compliance with current regulations.

    Flexibility of action

    We conduct regular audits and keep you informed of potential risks, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises. Structured processes and documentation will allow you to react quickly to possible changes in the law.

    How does it work?


    We analyse the current legal situation of the company and define the key problems, which may concern areas such as the following:

    • data protection
    • securities law
    • environmental legislation
    • cyber risk
    • government contracts
    • trade sanctions
    • compliance with export regulations
    • internal theft

    … and many others. The scope depends on the industry, the type of business and its geographical location. That is why we tailor each legal audit according to the challenges faced by a given company.

    Action plan

    We create an action plan based on the defined problems and risks. We set objectives with a timetable for achieving them, so you are informed what we are doing and how we are doing it.

    Review and reporting

    Once the key issues are settled, we conduct regular audits and keep you informed of potential risks. We will also prepare a benchmarking analysis, which can be used to plan your budget or implement new solutions.

    Explore our specialisations

    Select the area of cooperation that interests you.


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    Opening Business in Malta

    Benefit from the experience of our experts and their knowledge of Polish legal realities in order to choose the optimal form of business for you.


    Personal Data Protection / GDPR

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    Business Legal Health Check

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    Outsourcing of Legal Services

    Benefit from the experience of our experts and their knowledge of Polish legal realities in order to choose the optimal form of business for you.


    Law of New Technologies

    We advise on intellectual property protection and regulatory implementation for companies that use new technologies.


    Legal Support for Start-ups

    Develop your start-up without legal obstacles at the stage of its creation and after market entry.


    Legal Compliance Audit

    We help you detect legal risks and counter them effectively to enable your business to operate in the market without restrictions.


    Real Estate

    We advise on the safe planning and execution of investments in a rapidly changing market.


    Opening Business in Poland 🇵🇱

    Benefit from the experience of our experts and their knowledge of Polish legal realities in order to choose the optimal form of business for you.


    Labour Law

    We will help you adapt your organisation to the legal requirements and needs of your business.



    We will take care of the legal aspects and secure operation of your e-commerce business online.


    Disputes & Court Proceedings

    Increase your chances of winning a dispute or satisfactory mediation outcome from the very beginning with a lawyer who knows and understands your business.


    International Contracts

    Safely develop your business in the global market by utilising the international network of our law firm.


    Company Law & Corporate Governance

    We comprehensively advise corporations on the legal organisation of company operations. We maximise effectiveness in terms of achieving business goals.


    Mergers & Acquisitions

    We provide comprehensive legal support and security for your capital investment in any economic sector.