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  • Disputes & Court Proceedings

    Increase your chances of winning a dispute or satisfactory mediation outcome from the very beginning with a lawyer who knows and understands your business.

    We act to fully protect your interests

    We represent our clients in proceedings before common courts and arbitration courts. We conduct effective mediation and efficient debt collection. Our team consists of lawyers specialising in various areas; therefore, you will always consult and cooperate with an expert who understands the specifics of a given area.

    Our assistance, however, is not limited to our presence in court. The action begins long before the meeting in the courtroom and includes risk analysis, negotiations, securing assets and preparing litigation strategy, among others.

    How we can help you:

    • Debt collection

      We recover your debt effectively. We conduct the case from sending a pre-court request for payment, through negotiations with debtors, to the return of the debt or, alternatively, working out a satisfactory settlement.

    • Mediation

      We are committed to finding a solution that satisfies both parties in conflict. Thus, whenever possible, we resolve disputes through mediation. As a result, we are often able to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

    • Litigation strategy

      We analyse your situation and anticipate potential litigation scenarios to choose the optimal path for you to achieve your goals. We provide you with a reliable assessment of your chances of winning, the estimated costs of proceedings and the possible risks.

    • Litigation representation

      In compensation proceedings, real estate, restructuring and many other fields, we handle all trial-related tasks, strategically planning each step. Our work begins long before the courtroom.