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    Prevention is preferable than treatment.
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    Identify legal risks before they become legal problems
    You see your doctor regularly to identify and diagnose problems regarding your personal health. A regular company health check to evaluate the legal soundness of the company is just as essential for you financially. Simply put, a legal audit is an excellent business. The expenses of performing a company health check are minimal compared to the costs of litigation or falling foul of government regulatory agencies. It’s similar to buying your health insurance premium: if you become sick, it might be the most incredible money you’ve ever spent! A business legal health check entails more than just ensuring compliance. It also provides that you are entirely using your legal position concerning suppliers, consumers, and rivals. From such a perspective it might be compared to patient physicals or vehicle tune-ups.
    A business legal audit allows you:
    Avoid risks of penalties and lawsuits
    We have had the chance to see up close what types of problems lead to costly litigation scenarios when not addressed correctly upfront since we have managed a wide variety of various business legal concerns.
    Identify new opportunities
    We know what the most frequent business lawsuit triggers are, how to spot them earlier on, and how to minimize the risks. Our company has extensive expertise in resolving high-stakes commercial disputes.
    Reduce stress during administrative checks
    We can offer practical suggestions based on our vast understanding of companies’ best practices and corporation law to assist you in preventing future legal issues.
    Be prepared for international expansion
    When it comes to global operations, one size will never fit all. We will help you to address some of the more common compliance traps that can snare companies expanding into new territories.
    How does a legal audit work?
    Many people envision teams of attorneys in suits walking about with boxes of papers when they think of a legal audit. A legal audit, on the other hand, is not the same as a raid. The most effective legal audits are undetectable. They don’t get in the way of your company’s day-to-day operations.
    Legal Business Health Check
    Questionnaire completion
    First and foremost, the company’s employees must complete a questionnaire that contains basic information. As a result, auditors will adapt the audit process to meet their needs, saving time and money.
    Papers collection
    Second, the business must gather any necessary papers that the auditors will need as part of the legal audit process. Documents are categorized into five groups. These categories may be subdivided further depending on the needs and nature of the company.
    Management team meeting
    The third stage is convening a meeting of the company’s management and other essential employees to review the company’s operations and note any problems it may have.
    Information and documentation review
    The information/documents obtained in step 1 are thoroughly reviewed in the fourth phase. The concerned officials will verify that the information given is consistent with the company’s procedures, local laws, and regulations, as well as meeting the company’s needs.
    Report preparation
    The fifth stage of a legal audit is writing comprehensive reports on the audit’s findings, including identifying any errors (if any), payment problems, or other anomalies.
    Conversation with management team
    The last stage is a conversation with management about the issues that arose during the audit. Finally, the administration must state if they were aware of the mistakes before their implementation and whether they support them.
    The audit is conducted on-site and remotely, as per the client's preferences, and with all of the technical tools necessary for a thorough and successful approach.
    Why Wołoszański & Partners?
    For many years, we have been collaborating with law firms all over the world on a permanent basis, which is why we can effectively advise our clients on all the legal aspects of their local and international activities. We understand the specificity of business and the fact that decisions made in one area of activity often have an impact on other areas of business. Therefore, we guarantee that by working with our law firm, you will receive comprehensive solutions that take into account all of your organization’s issues. Our experts are known for their success in handling particularly complex cases for international clients. Our team has executive MBA graduates, approved compliance officers and experts in competition.
    What do customers say about working with us?
    I attest, with great certainty after my various works with the experts of the Wołoszański & Partners firm, who are a team with high knowledge, speed, sense of emergency, responsibility, and professionalism; characteristics that perhaps can be found in respectable law firms. But the added value for which we highly recommend them is their sense of collaboration and partnership, where they take into account the interests of all the parties and provide beneficial solutions adapted to commercial needs. We successfully completed a complicated M&A and restructuring process that Wołoszański & Partners carried out in a highly creditable manner. I would highly recommend this law firm for any legal matter, accounting advice that requires unusual strategies and leverage.
    Emilia García
    Owner and Operator of Rosinter Restaurants Holding
    Web Shield is European-based provider of merchant underwriting and monitoring solutions. Our investigation tools help acquiring banks and payment service providers to identify hidden risks in their merchant portfolio. I can recommend Wołoszański & Partners team based on 5 years’ experience of working with them. Their strong side is an individual approach and sincere customer care. They are very diligent, thoughtful, and responsive. Such a partner is most valuable in our international expansion efforts. Wołoszański & Partners have assisted us in M&A endeavours. They provided comprehensive services, coordinated external service providers, and delivered on the set tense schedules. What is noteworthy is the high level of trust they have with all their partners. This level of reliability allowed us to avoid multiple obstacles. We have been very pleased with the final outcomes.
    Dr. H.C. Christian Chmiel
    Founder of Web Shield Group, CEO of Web Shield Group from 2014 to 2021
    As KRESK Group, the owner of the SVR, Lazartigue and FILLMED brands operating in the dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, we have been cooperating with Wołoszański i Wspólnicy for several years. We rely on legal assistance in statutory matters and those relating to the day-to-day business operations. Thanks to the Law Firm's excellent knowledge of issues from various areas of law, pro-business approach, reacting in advance to the changing environment, reliability and timeliness we can be sure that our projects are in good hands. And the most important thing: Michał Wołoszański and his colleagues are the team of young, committed, dynamic people with open minds. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the Law Firm and we recommend it with full conviction.
    Monika Nowak-Bartyzel
    General Manager Fillmed Polska
    Wołoszański & Partners has been providing support for Quadient since 2013. We are an international IT organisation present in 70 countries rendering IT services and developing software for the banking and insurance industry. We help organisations deliver exceptional customer experiences and it is crucial for us to have a legal partner which is professional and easy to work with. This is what we appreciated the most during all the period of the collaboration. Michał Wołoszański and his team are efficient, communicative and very sincere in their care for us as a client. They are brilliant while working with our subsidiaries and their dynamic approach is a great fit to our corporate culture. Wołoszański & Partners connect legal expertise with a deep understanding of our business environment.
    Bohumil Farsky
    Country Sales Manager at Quadient Czech ltd.
    Wołoszański & Partners team provided great legal support for the companies I had been managing and advising for many years. Among other things they were involved in M&A related works for Wawa Taxi and SIXT Rent a Car. Wołoszański & Partners experts go truly above and beyond in analyzing all aspects of a deal. They are professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this team for any legal advice, strategy or ultimately, action.
    Paweł Reczyński
    President of the Management Board of EURORENT sp. z o.o. from 2006 to 2014, Advisor to the Management Board of WaWa TAXI
    Astri Polska is a leading company in the Polish space sector. It specialises in the field of electronics, optomechatronics, and space applications and services. We are collaborating with Wołoszański & Partners since 2015. During this time, they proved themselves as dynamic, intelligent and pro-business lawyers. They put in their best efforts to help out during negotiations and have a deep understanding of highly technical matters. I can only highly recommend them.
    Jacek Mandas
    CEO Astri Polska from 2016 to 2021

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