We will take care of the legal aspects and secure operation of your e-commerce business online.

With us, your business will spread its wings safely

We will guide you step-by-step through the legal nuances of an online business. From personal data protection to consumer relations, we will help you secure the interests of your company, even when you are designing your shop or website.

Let’s talk in conventional terms

Forget about difficult legal jargon. We will prepare materials and procedures that both you and your audience will easily understand. We will talk about complex matters in simple language.

See how we can help you:

  • Ongoing legal advice

    We take the onus of keeping your documentation up to date off you, advise on contracts and support you in responding to complaints. We take care of the legal security of your business on a daily basis.

  • Personal data processing

    We will help you adapt your company’s procedures to the current requirements of RODO, and comprehensively develop documentation related to the protection and processing of personal data, including data protection and privacy policies, cookies and a register of processing activities.

  • Developing procedures and regulations

    We will create effective tools for communication with your customers, i.e., clear, easy to read and understood by everyone. These tools include refund and affiliate programme regulations and privacy policies, among others.

  • Drafting and reviewing trade agreements

    We will make sure that the documents you sign safeguard your company's interests. We analyse and help negotiate the terms of contracts with freelancers, contracts for SaaS services or transfer of copyrights.

Safely grow your business online!

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