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  • Law of New Technologies

    We advise on intellectual property protection and regulatory implementation for companies that use new technologies.

    Tailor-made solutions for your business

    Move nimbly in a rapidly changing environment. Ensure your comfort and freedom to operate in the market with the right legal protections. We will help you take care of the protection of your company’s intellectual property and meet the legal regulations on the business use of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

    We combine extensive legal knowledge from many areas and experience in the IT industry to provide you with optimal solutions.

    How we can help you:

    • IT law

      We provide comprehensive advice on contracts concerning IT systems (e.g., blockchain, contracts for hardware and software or SaaS services). We provide opinions and assist in negotiating terms and conditions at the implementation stage as well.

    • IP audits

      We analyse the degree of protection of intellectual property rights in the context of not just products, but IT infrastructure (such as implementation agreements, licences, regulations) as well. We define potential risks and inaccuracies related to the Internet of Things or cryptocurrency projects and help eliminate them.

    • Intellectual property protection

      we will prepare and implement a strategy to protect your company’s intellectual property – from trademarks to know-how. Our support includes copyright, industrial law and actions against unfair competition.

    • Personal data protection and processing

      We will ensure that your procedures comply with current data protection requirements. We will verify your documentation and bring it in line with current regulations, as well as develop processes for secure data processing and storage.

    • E-commerce

      We will take care of the legal and safe sale of your products or services online. We will secure the legal interests of your company even at the stage of designing a shop or a website by preparing regulations, agreements, privacy policies and other documentation.