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  • Company Law & Corporate Governance

    We comprehensively advise corporations on the legal organisation of company operations. We maximise effectiveness in terms of achieving business goals.

    Why use corporate governance?

    A good corporate governance system, i.e. the basic principles, practices and procedures of a company, helps balance the interests of different groups while effectively managing risks. It prevents conflicts of interest between owners and managers, shareholders, customers and suppliers and gives investors a real sense of security.

    Feel comfortable working with a proactive law firm that understands your environment and business needs.

    Selected corporate governance services:

    • corporate audit – reviewing existing procedures and regulations and preparing practical recommendations
    • drafting internal regulations of companies and capital groups (articles of association / articles of association and by-laws of bodies, etc.)
    • drafting corporate documentation and preparing and implementing regulations on the liability of board members
    • representing companies before competent courts and public administration bodies
    • attendance at (general) shareholders’ meetings
    • analysing contentious issues concerning corporate governance rules and handling litigation
    • preparing management contracts
    • optimising corporate structures of companies and groups of companies as well as internal restructuring.

    Good corporate governance is not only the path to safe, efficient operation of a company, but also to the development of productive staff.

    What else we can help you with:

    • Ongoing corporate services

      We ensure security and maximise the efficiency of your company's operations. We provide opinions on and draft contracts, internal acts or draft resolutions, register capital changes and implement updates resulting from new legal regulations.

    • Setting up companies

      We will help you choose a favourable legal form for a company with both Polish and foreign capital. We will also prepare the documentation necessary to set up a business.

    • Liquidation, division and transformation of companies

      We conduct legal analyses of companies and advise on their liquidation, division or transformation. We support you throughout the entire investment process, including the development of the necessary documentation.