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    Seize the Crypto Wave: Uncharted Opportunities for Law Firms
    The world is rapidly warming up to cryptocurrencies. As we step into 2023, our data points to an impressive growth in crypto adoption, with an estimated 4.2% of the global population, or over 420 million people, now actively using crypto.

    Global Breakdown of Crypto Ownership:
    + North America: 54 Million
    + South America: 33 Million
    + Europe: 31 Million
    + Africa: 38 Million
    + Asia: 260 Million
    + Oceania: 15 Million

    As the crypto universe expands, there's a parallel surge in the need for regulatory adherence. To ensure the sustained growth of this market, it's paramount that crypto entities stay compliant with both local and international regulations, as well as payment and card provider specifications.

    Here lies a golden opportunity for businesses to step in as trusted verifiers of compliance, bridging the gap between regulatory bodies and crypto entities. By aligning with this essential service, you position yourself at the forefront of an industry poised for exponential growth. Secure your place in this evolving market today.
    Partnership with Benefits:
    Let's Talk Numbers
    Proud Member of AGA

    We're inviting our fellow members of the Alliott Global Alliance to join us in a unique venture with CompliancePass, our innovative solution tailored for cryptocurrency compliance.

    We've teamed up with Web Shield, a top-tier RegTech partner, renowned for their vast industry knowledge and unmatched insights gained over a decade. Their strong market presence and esteemed reputation are hard to miss. Together, we've developed a product based on an exclusive IT system that stands out in the compliance industry.

    This solution is already in action – law firms are leveraging it to their advantage. As the AGA member, you have a unique opportunity to step in and potentially take the lead, tapping into an already proven revenue stream. Get a reliable income stream and a chance to influence the future of compliance. Together, we can leave a lasting imprint. Let’s ensure the terms are beneficial for you and delve into the specifics of your compensation.

    Accredited by & Compliant with:

    Our extensive experience in crypto payment compliance has allowed us to thoroughly understand the standards set by industry leaders like Mastecard and Worldpay.

    Get to know more
    A Smooth Collaboration in 3 Steps
    CompliancePass is our newest offering that seamlessly merges user-friendly features with thoughtfully crafted processes. Every step of our clients' and partners' journey has been thoughtfully mapped out. This ensures you'll have a straightforward guide, making our collaboration both rewarding and effortless.

    Curious about your role?
    Let's break it down into 3 easy steps:
    Complete the form to outline your region's cryptocurrency guidelines.
    The form is split into two sections:

    1. Standard questionnaire on crypto regulation in your jurisdiction.
    2. A customizable section where you can specify unique rules or regulations for your area. This space is also suitable for any additional notes or disclaimers.
    Receive your digitally delivered Legal Opinion and upload the signed version.
    fter providing the required information, we'll electronically send you a draft of your Legal Opinion. If needed, you can introduce further adjustments before signing.

    Next, please:
    1. Print the received Legal Opinion.
    2. Sign the printed document.
    3. Scan the signed copy.
    4. Upload the scanned document to our system.
    Regularly submit your updated Legal Opinion.
    Regularly provide us with updated legal opinions. Expect a request for an update at least once every quarter.
    Remember: Compensation Awaits for Every Legal Opinion and All its Subsequent Updates.
    You'll be compensated for the primary Legal Opinion and for every following update, which occurs at least quarterly. Even if the update simply confirms that local regulations have stayed the same, you'll receive the complete update fee.

    Some of our happy clients

    In collaboration with Web Shield, we've served hundreds of clients over the years, including leading names in the cryptocurrency market.

    Find out more
    What's in it for you?
    Your benefits at a glance.
    Earn for Every Legal Opinion
    and Each of Its Updates
    You'll receive compensation for the initial Legal Opinion, as well as for each subsequent update, provided at least once every quarter. Rest assured, even if it's just to verify that local laws remain unchanged, you'll earn the full update fee.
    Cryptocurrency industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmJoin Early,
    Thrive Longer
    Step into a unique chance to align with a rapidly growing industry. By joining us now, you're not just getting in early—you're ensuring a prime spot in a sector set for remarkable expansion.
    Aerospace industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmExperience Streamlined Success
    Leverage our proven processes and receive comprehensive guidance at every turn. Dive into an innovative product without the hassle of crafting processes or tech systems from scratch.
    IT and Telecommunication: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmShape Your Involvement
    Our current collaboration, as described above, is just the beginning. We're crafting ways for partners to engage more deeply with merchants and acquirers. Stay tuned as the journey unfolds.
    Your Next Steps
    Get your preboarding materials
    Get your preboarding materials, including the legal opinion form template. Let us know if you would like to customise it.
    Let us answer your questions and address your concerns
    Reach out to our support team if you have questions: Click here to send email
    Finalize the cooperation agreement
    Before we begin, let's seal the cooperation agreement. This formal step ensures both parties are aligned in their objectives and responsibilities.
    Congratulations! You are ready to start
    Begin your cryptocompliance journey with us. Our expertise ensures a seamless experience every step of the way.
    New growth opportunities with legal support from the Wołoszański & Partners Law Firm
    Our expertise comes from the team effort.
    Web Shield (Germany)
    Web Shield (Germany)

    Web Shield is a trusted merchant due diligence partner of globally operating acquiring banks and payment service providers. It offers Software-as-a-service and managed services for merchant onboarding and monitoring. Web Shield is an official Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP).

    Wołoszański & Partners (Poland)
    Wołoszański & Partners (Poland)

    Wołoszański & Partners, comprised of lawyers with extensive expertise in cryptocurrencies, is Poland’s only law firm member of the Alliott Global Alliance. The law firm experts are known for their success and acumen in handling particularly complex cases for international clients.