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  • Woloszanski & Partners at International Conference in Dubai

    Wołoszański & Partners at international meeting in Dubai

    About 30 delegates from Middle East, Africa & India and outside the region
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    Our team at Middle East, Africa & India meeting in Dubai

    So, another fantastic Alliott Global Alliance event is behind us! This time, the meeting was in the “city of the future” – Dubai.

    In keeping with that future-focused spirit, the discussion and presentations covered a number of cutting edge topics: artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and digital transformation. For our law firm it was also of great benefit to get insights regarding technology selection and implementation, as our goal is to move even more towards our service digitization.

    We were very excited to see the high levels of interest in Poland as a potential business location. Many firm members seem to be recognising the benefits of investing in Poland as a base of operations.

    Woloszanski & Partners at International Conference in Dubai

    Common with all the Alliott Global Alliance meetings we have attended, we enjoyed the warm atmosphere of friendship and partnership that is to be expected! Many thanks in particular to Giles Brake and Sophia Rook-Blackstone for their welcome. And thanks also must go to the colleagues we met over the event: Abdihafid Yarow (Kenya????????), Berta Castells Pujol (India ????????), Dov Rabinovitch (Israel ????????), Ehab Essam (UAE????????), Giorgio Marcolongo (Italy????????), Dr. A. Hadi Shahid (UAE????????), Imran Ahmad (UAE????????), Manny Gurman (Israel ????????) who joined us via Zoom, Jehad Awajeen (Jordan????????), Kate Chen (UAE????????), Majdi Albadareen (Jordan????????), Nirvana Sedeek (UAE????????), Nobert Phiri who joined us via Zoom, Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis (UAE????????), Radu Valentin Sora and Aniela Mihaela Sora (Romania????????), Samir Ahmed Shahid (UAE????????), Stephen Gitonga (Kenya????????), Jacob Kuperberg (Israel ????????), Tommy Nkongho (Cameroon????????), Yusra Sidani Balaa (Lebanon????????) and Zaheer Kaiser Anis (UAE????????).

    To cap off the trip, the Woloszanski & Partners delegation, along with the rest of the AGA members, visited the Expo2020 Dubai – a fantastic opportunity to make unforgettable memories, learn more about the UAE, and make deeper connections with our colleagues by spending time together.

    The Alliott Global Alliance is a global association of firms dealing in independent law, accounting, and consulting. The members often unite and ensure the clientage worldwide is prioritized and presented with the most premium and optimum quality service possible, thereby dictating norms, laying down the conditions, and setting the standards. In the wake of possessing membership with the Alliot Global Alliance, we equip our client base who transact business in other jurisdictions with access to a myriad amount of information, tactical guidance, and backing from firms spread all over the globe in over 80 countries. Thus, we are in a position to address and cater to all the needs of those Alliance members whose clients require legal aid in Poland.

    We are always a step ahead of the customer’s needs and are ready to show the way to their implementation.