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    Christmas mood at our law firm

    Holidays are in the air!
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    Christmas is coming to Wołoszański & Partners

    During this busy pre-festive period, we do our best to keep the productivity and happiness of our team as high as the Christmas cheer. And we can humbly say that we are succeeding in this!

    While our team keeps working hard on our commitments towards clients, we also have time for creating a festive atmosphere in the office ????????, celebrating ???? and simply enjoying time together.

    How do we manage all this without overworking? Planning and flexible working hours help a lot here. As well as something much bigger – an excellent team spirit, and a supportive culture!

    As usual, we did not forget to support Szlachetna Paczka ❤️️ (EN. – Noble Gift) – a Polish social scheme that allows donors to give a material and mental aid to concrete families in a difficult situation. At this point, a big praise and thank you goes to Patrycja Niksa ????, who has been taking care of all aspects of our participation in the initiative for several years now. And as each and every member of our law firm contributed their ideas and efforts, it was excellent team work and great fun!

    And now we would like to thank all our clients, partners, and colleagues for being with us again in 2021.

    Stay safe and healthy! A Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones!