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  • European Regional Conference in Malta hosted by Alliott Global Alliance

    More than 50 delegates from numerous European countries
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    Wołoszański & Partners at European Regional Conference in Malta

    This year our team was excited to meet in person the Alliott Global Alliance members from all across Europe for the first time since we joined hands with the Alliance in December 2020.

    The meeting materialized in sunny Malta, known for its picturesque scenery, over the course of 3 days from November 4-6 during the European Regional Conference.

    After partnering and collaborating remotely with the Alliott Global Alliance firm members, we were greeted with open arms into a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the conference. The convention enticed and drew over 50 delegates from numerous European countries, including The UK🇬🇧, France🇫🇷, Italy🇮🇹, Portugal🇵🇹, Spain🇪🇸, Hungary🇭🇺, Israel 🇮🇱, Turkey🇹🇷, Belgium🇧🇪, Slovenia🇸🇮, Cyprus🇨🇾, Greece🇬🇷, Malta🇲🇹, Netherlands🇳🇱, Germany🇩🇪, Poland🇵🇱, Ireland🇮🇪, Romania🇷🇴, and the list goes on.

    Michał Wołoszański at Malta Conference 2021

    “It was a brilliant event, and on top of that, this occasion gave us a unique chance to unite, meet up and converse with our friends from the Alliott Global Alliance” – says Michał Wołoszański, Managing Partner of our law firm.

    “I am delighted that we had the valuable opportunity to discuss and confer about our international collaboration plans and create actionable tasks based on the plan.”

    The social program and the business meetings conducted furnished substantive and factual information gathered via panel sessions, round table discussions, and keynotes. Furthermore, in the present scenario, insights were exchanged on how to lead with impact while establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the clientele in this post-COVID environment.

    Likewise, diverse ideas were explored and brainstormed in lawyer and account breakout sessions shedding light on multiple practice management topical subjects, including recruitment and retention, firm profitability during and in the aftermath of the pandemic, working from home, etc.

    Ultimately, we were just immensely enthusiastic and keen about sharing our knowledge, vision, expertise, and practices in tandem with engaging in intriguing and thought-provoking discussions on up-to-date topics. All things considered, this exchange, on top of everything, also empowered us to build on the trust and partnership between our team and AGA’s firm members (which our clients will subsequently reap benefit from!)

    With the exception of the occupational engagements and commitments, our team savored and appreciated trading the office for the breathtaking landscape and pleasant networking experience.

    Woloszanski & Partners at Malta Conference 2021

    In a nutshell, though our trip to Malta was purely and strictly professional, we truly enjoyed our time there, and the stunning view and glorious weather need a special mention!

    The Alliott Global Alliance is a global association of firms dealing in independent law, accounting, and consulting. The members often unite and ensure the clientage worldwide is prioritized and presented with the most premium and optimum quality service possible, thereby dictating norms, laying down the conditions, and setting the standards. In the wake of possessing membership with the Alliot Global Alliance, we equip our client base who transact business in other jurisdictions with access to a myriad amount of information, tactical guidance, and backing from firms spread all over the globe in over 80 countries. Thus, we are in a position to address and cater to all the needs of those Alliance members whose clients require legal aid in Poland.

    We are always a step ahead of the customer’s needs and are ready to show the way to their implementation.