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    Legal Compliance Assurance

    Your all-in-one solution for competition and consumer protection law
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    Navigating the ever-changing world of business law is a complex but essential task, crucial for your company's future success. Since 2023, new regulations from three EU directives - the Omnibus, Commodity, and Digital Directives - along with additional rules from the President of UOKiK, have elevated the stakes.

    Missteps, intentional or not, can lead to substantial penalties, even for managers. Ensuring compliance is more than just a requirement; it's a strategic investment. Our service simplifies this process, keeping your business updated, compliant, and primed for success. Let's tackle these legal challenges together.
    Are you confident that your team is up-to-date with current legal requirements?
    Running a business involves a juggling act of many elements, and legal compliance is a critical one. Our Legal Compliance Assurance solution is a comprehensive package that includes Employee Training, Legal Compliance Audit and implementation of the recommendations. It is designed to help you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

    Stages of the Program
    Do you know how to comply with the new regulations while still benefiting the business?
    Transforming your business processes is crucial for success, but it's not an easy task. It demands a thorough understanding of current legal requirements and a detailed examination of your company's operations.

    We understand these challenges because we've faced them too. That's why we've crafted a three-stage program dedicated to guiding you through every step of this transformative journey. With our support, navigating the complexities of change becomes a smoother, more manageable process.
    Stages of the Program

    Training for Teams

    Ensuring the knowledge and awareness of the company's employees and managers

    Legal Compliance Audit

    The purpose of the audit is to detect misstatements and to minimize the risks associated with legal violations

    Implementing the Changes

    Bring the company's processes into compliance with the law and implement procedures in the event of inspections by the UOKiK and other control bodies

    About us: WLAW
    Are you sure that your team will not make punishable mistakes during the UOKiK inspections?
    Here are some real-life situations that may result in the imposition of severe fines on a company or a specific individual.
    Obstructing of the UOKiK inspection
    The Board Assistant asked the controllers to wait for the CEO who had a meeting - the wait lasted 2.5 hours.
    Not replying to a notice from the President of UOKiK
    The business owner didn't pick up the letter from the President of UOKiK and as a result, didn't reply to the notice.
    Representing in court cases
    95 countries
    International cooperation

    Meet our specialists

    We bring together qualified attorneys-at-law and advocates who combine knowledge of the law with experience in its application in business. Our team features executive MBA graduates and approved compliance officers, competition law experts and data protection officers.

    Michał Wołoszański
    Managing Partner,
    INSEAD Global Executive MBA, Attorney-at-law
    Kinga Miller
    Partner, Advocate, Approved Compliance Expert
    Marta Solarska-Kaleńczuk
    Partner, Chief Operating Officer,
    Data Protection Officer
    Ewa Weinar
    Associate, Attorney-at-law, Head of French Desk
    Łukasz Kudela
    Senior Associate, Attorney-at-law, Cryptocurrency Project Manager
    Malwina Guliyev
    Senior Associate, Attorney-at-law
    Patrycja Niksa
    Associate, Advocate
    Oliwia Koper
    Associate, Advocate
    Olga Kolomiiets
    Head of Marketing
    Maria Fałowska-Kupis
    Tax advisor, HR specialist
    Ewa Sadownik
    Chief Accountant
    Welcome to Wołoszański & Partners Law Firm
    Check our references and case studies.
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    Our team
    We are team of thinkers, makers, explorers and innovators across the landscapes of legal processes and technology.
    We are the WLAW team.
    The WLAW experts are known for their success and acumen in handling particularly complex cases for international clients.

    "I empower my team to pursue specialisations, which overlap with their personal interests. This way we can approach a deal with a set of skilled lawyers who simply love their work and therefore contribute greatly to the project," - says Michał Wołoszański, founder and Managing Partner of our law firm.
    We are at home in these industries:

    Automotive & Transportation

    Our extensive experience in automotive product liability, business disputes, fuel and energy, finance and technology allows us to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

    Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical

    Working closely with our cosmetics clients for many years, we have gathered unique knowledge of the intricacies of this market. Take a look at our client's feedback on the quality of our service.

    Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

    At the heart of our cryptocurrency and blockchain practice is a deep understanding of their technology and legal considerations in different countries due to our intensive international cooperation and love for tech.

    IT, new tech & telecommunication

    Our strength is in understanding the technology behind processes. We are highly experienced in cases related to license and maintenance agreements, the roll-out of information technology infrastructure, level service agreements and much more.


    Our experts support clients in transactions and strategy engagements across the supply chain for commercial aerospace, including maintenance and repair, flight operations, and related aviation technologies and services.

    Marketing &

    Our team has extensive experience in the most common matters in the marketing and e-commerce sector, such as intellectual property protection, contractual rights and obligations, privacy, data security breaches, jurisdictional issues and competition.

    About us: Wołoszański & Partners Law Firm
    Is this an exhaustive list?
    Well, no.
    The above industries are our daily bread with hundreds, if not thousands, of handled cases. However, over the years in the profession, we have served companies in a variety of industries - construction and real estate, entertainment and gastronomy, the medical sector and fintech to name a few.

    What do customers say about working with us?

    I particularly value the fast and proactive support we gained by joining forces with the highly proficient team at Wołoszański & Partners. Having pooled resources and worked side by side with them for the past number of years, I am undoubtedly confident that I can count on their perception and understanding of the specifics of the market, our business strategy, and our objectives. When we team up in unison on projects, I genuinely believe they are part of our squad, and we can mutually rely on and confide in each other.
    Hyundai Capital
    Artur Szczepanski
    Senior Country Manager | International Business Division
    Hyundai Capital Europe GmbH
    I attest, with great certainty after my various works with the experts of the Wołoszański & Partners firm, who are a team with high knowledge, speed, sense of emergency, responsibility, and professionalism; characteristics that perhaps can be found in respectable law firms. But the added value for which we highly recommend them is their sense of collaboration and partnership, where they take into account the interests of all the parties and provide beneficial solutions adapted to commercial needs. We successfully completed a complicated M&A and restructuring process that Wołoszański & Partners carried out in a highly creditable manner. I would highly recommend this law firm for any legal matter, accounting advice that requires unusual strategies and leverage.
    Our clients: TGI Fridays
    Emilia García
    Owner and Operator of Rosinter Restaurants Holding
    Web Shield is European-based provider of merchant underwriting and monitoring solutions. Our investigation tools help acquiring banks and payment service providers to identify hidden risks in their merchant portfolio. I can recommend Wołoszański & Partners team based on 5 years’ experience of working with them. Their strong side is an individual approach and sincere customer care. They are very diligent, thoughtful, and responsive. Such a partner is most valuable in our international expansion efforts. Wołoszański & Partners have assisted us in M&A endeavours. They provided comprehensive services, coordinated external service providers, and delivered on the set tense schedules. What is noteworthy is the high level of trust they have with all their partners. This level of reliability allowed us to avoid multiple obstacles. We have been very pleased with the final outcomes.
    Our clients: Web Shield
    Dr. H.C. Christian Chmiel
    Founder of Web Shield Group, CEO of Web Shield Group from 2014 to 2021
    As KRESK Group, the owner of the SVR, Lazartigue and FILLMED brands operating in the dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, we have been cooperating with Wołoszański i Wspólnicy for several years. We rely on legal assistance in statutory matters and those relating to the day-to-day business operations. Thanks to the Law Firm's excellent knowledge of issues from various areas of law, pro-business approach, reacting in advance to the changing environment, reliability and timeliness we can be sure that our projects are in good hands. And the most important thing: Michał Wołoszański and his colleagues are the team of young, committed, dynamic people with open minds. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the Law Firm and we recommend it with full conviction.
    Our clients: Fillmed Laboratoires
    Monika Nowak-Bartyzel
    General Manager Fillmed Polska
    Wołoszański & Partners has been providing support for Quadient since 2013. We are an international IT organisation present in 70 countries rendering IT services and developing software for the banking and insurance industry. We help organisations deliver exceptional customer experiences and it is crucial for us to have a legal partner which is professional and easy to work with. This is what we appreciated the most during all the period of the collaboration. Michał Wołoszański and his team are efficient, communicative and very sincere in their care for us as a client. They are brilliant while working with our subsidiaries and their dynamic approach is a great fit to our corporate culture. Wołoszański & Partners connect legal expertise with a deep understanding of our business environment.
    Our clients: Quadient
    Bohumil Farsky
    Country Sales Manager at Quadient Czech ltd.
    From the very beginning, our cooperation with Wołoszański & Partners was professional and focused on our needs. Thanks to the competencies and determination of the people taking care of our company, we have successfully managed to achieve the intended goals. We are glad that there are professionals such as Wołoszański & Partners that understand the specificities of the digital/e-commerce market and can address our needs and expectations.
    Admitad: we are proud of our clients. Woloszanski & Partners
    Mateusz Łukianiuk
    Country Manager at Admitad Poland
    Wołoszański & Partners team provided great legal support for the companies I had been managing and advising for many years. Among other things they were involved in M&A related works for Wawa Taxi and SIXT Rent a Car. Wołoszański & Partners experts go truly above and beyond in analyzing all aspects of a deal. They are professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this team for any legal advice, strategy or ultimately, action.
    Our clients: WaWa TAXI
    Paweł Reczyński
    President of the Management Board of EURORENT sp. z o.o. from 2006 to 2014, Advisor to the Management Board of WaWa TAXI
    Astri Polska is a leading company in the Polish space sector. It specialises in the field of electronics, optomechatronics, and space applications and services. We are collaborating with Wołoszański & Partners since 2015. During this time, they proved themselves as dynamic, intelligent and pro-business lawyers. They put in their best efforts to help out during negotiations and have a deep understanding of highly technical matters. I can only highly recommend them.
    Our clients: Astri Polska
    Jacek Mandas
    CEO Astri Polska from 2016 to 2021
    Michał Wołoszański and his team’s assistance in connection with the sales transaction was highly valued, and the project ran very smoothly. They took care on every single aspect of the transaction while keeping us fully operational. I would wholly recommend them to others who need M&A deal assistance.
    Our clients: Web Shield
    Alex Noton
    CEO of Web Shield Group