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  • Marta Solarska-Kaleńczuk

    Marta Solarska-Kaleńczuk

    Partner, Chief Operating Officer,
    Data Protection Officer


    Protection of personal data
    New technologies law
    Competition law




    She specialises in personal data protection, new technologies, Internet of Things, and online services. For over 6 years, Marta has been implementing and supervising complex GDPR implementation and post-implementation processes at the junction of law, processes and technology, primarily for the automotive and IT sectors. She has been supporting clients from the automotive and IT sectors, carrying out complex implementation and post-implementation processes.

    Marta deals with regulatory implementations for client procedures and policies in the areas of GDPR, employment law, corporate compliance procedures, and sales and distribution processes. Her experience in this area includes the administration of over 4,000 litigation cases.

    She also manages comprehensive legal projects dedicated to key clients from the automotive industry as well as at the European level, as Wołoszański & Partners specialises in this segment and is an active member of the Automotive Market Lawyers Association. Marta has particularly extensive experience in competition law in the context of distribution and authorisation agreements.

    She has been invariably ensuring compliance with data protection regulations at Hyundai Motor Poland since 2015 – first as an Information Security Administrator (ABI) and later as a Data Protection Officer.

    Marta also advises the IT industry on maintenance and implementation contracts as well as hardware implementations.

    She regularly conducts legal training set in the business reality of a specific client. Marta provides practical solutions for adapting personal data processing processes in a selected client department to the requirements arising from the EU Regulation. She educates on consumer law and enhance legal competences for business departments and customer service departments.


    Customer data protection and the impact on digital money and crypto: the 5th AML directive, published in The Paypers - a Netherlands-based leading independent source of news and analysis products for the global fintech, payments, and e-commerce industry.

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