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  • Jak przebiega zarządzanie projektami prawnymi w przypadku outsourcingu usług prawnych?

    Legal project management vs outsourcing

    Learn about the best management practices we apply when providing legal outsourcing services
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    It’s not a secret that a project approach to business management facilitates the efficient and timely achievement of business objectives. If you are wondering how project management works when outsourcing legal services, this article is for you.

    As you read this article, you will learn about the best management practices used when outsourcing legal services and discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    More efficiency with less cost

    Legal projects are becoming increasingly complex, often involving different branches and offices around the world. It is therefore extremely difficult to manage all of this on your own. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are looking for greater efficiency while minimising costs, i.e., more for less. This has led to the rise of end-to-end services in the market which, in addition to legal services, include planning, communication, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Let’s take a closer look at the various aspects of legal project management when outsourcing it to an external company.

    Legal project planning and risk management

    Frequent changes in legislation can change the legal and tax reality of entities around the world overnight, which undoubtedly makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to effectively implement legally compliant procedures. Of course, every project entails possible risks, which must be minimised through appropriate management. This is only possible by identifying risks on an ongoing basis and immediately proposing, planning and implementing the best solutions to emerging issues.

    Can outsourcing legal services solve this problem?

    If the risk register for your business is maintained by a law firm, you can be sure that the legal situation of your ventures is reviewed on an ongoing basis. The model of having all your legal projects managed comprehensively by one entity works best. This model allows the contractor to adapt to your business environment and corporate culture.

    At Wołoszański & Partners, we identify risks that may appear within projects on an ongoing basis and propose solutions tailored to your company’s unique situation and market conditions. When implementing changes, we fine-tune processes to work effectively in your organisation.

    Modern technologies to support legal project management

    In larger organisations and with extensive projects, it is difficult to imagine effective cooperation without IT tools to support legal project management. Thanks to these tools it is possible to effectively plan activities and monitor project progress. However, not every organisation is able to select an adequate project management system on its own and implement it quickly and efficiently.

    Can outsourcing legal services solve this problem?

    In the case of outsourcing legal services to Wołoszański & Partners, you no longer have to worry about selecting methods and tools for project management. We provide you with dedicated software which greatly facilitates the exchange of information and communication within the project.

    By outsourcing your legal services, you can outsource not only keeping an eye on deadlines, but also coordinating activities, so that you have the time to effectively handle the development of your business.

    Clients of Wołoszański & Partners gain the ability to monitor the progress made on any legal project carried out. They also control the budget, as they can check the number of hours used on an ongoing basis via a dedicated online platform.

    Kolejne kroki monitorowania realizacji harmonogramu pomiędzy prawnikami w Warszawie a grupą realizującą projekt poza granicami kraju.
    Keep track of progress at each stage of the ongoing legal project.

    Improving communication

    Communication between lawyers and the company’s team is crucial to the success of legal projects. Establishing clear rules for communication between the project delivery group should happen at the very beginning of the collaboration. Project documents and corporate procedures should be written so that they are understood by all employees and team members. Unfortunately, this is not yet common in legal practice, where industry-specific language often continues to be incomprehensible to customers.

    How does outsourcing legal services solve this problem?

    The broad management competencies that our specialists possess help us to ensure smooth communication with the customer’s team, and thanks to our experience in many different organisations, we adapt more easily to the customer’s corporate culture and business environment.

    We communicate in a way that your team will understand and like. We write all documents, communications and procedures created at Wołoszański & Partners in a straightforward and understandable language.


    Ongoing monitoring of project implementation and responding to any non-compliance with the schedule or budget is one of the most important aspects of the project approach. Unfortunately, the ongoing monitoring of project progress and the preparation of reports is an extremely time-consuming task for project managers.

    How does outsourcing legal services solve this problem?

    Delegating the coordination of a legal project to an external company takes a lot of pressure off the manager. This decision allows you to use your time more efficiently and complements the competence of your team. And at the same time, it assures you that you will not exceed the budget.

    At Wołoszański & Partners, both the provision of legal services, customer service and the organisation of daily work meets all the requirements of professional project management.

    When working with us, you have full control over your project – thanks to a dedicated online platform.

    Should purchasers of legal services manage them?

    Business cooperation is, in our view, all about the transparency of operations and full customer access to all stages of the preparation and implementation of a legal project. Purchasers of legal services do not have to manage the project but should be able to supervise and control the results. Therefore, a key aspect of outsourcing is that consumers should be able to see the schedule and project documentation on an ongoing basis.

    At Wołoszański & Partners, the legal project is managed using dedicated project management software. All companies using the law firm’s services are given full insight into the timing of individual actions and, most importantly, can monitor the progress of the project work and its costs. We handle all matters using a clear billing model. You only pay for effective hours of work.

    Zarządzanie projektami prawnymi to dbałość o wszelkie aspekty projektu prawnego z wykorzystaniem rozwiązań IT
    Up-to-date information is always at your fingertips - in our online system, with access to reports 24/7.

    Outsourcing legal services is not only a modern and convenient approach to legal services but also a cost-effective solution. It is important to remember that successful outsourcing of legal services is not possible without transparent project management.

    When you choose to outsource, you choose:

    • Professional and transparent legal project management;
    • Transparent monitoring of progress and hours used, available 24/7 via a dedicated online platform;
    • Savings, as you only pay for effective hours for each case handled;
    • Procedures and communications written in simple and understandable language;
    • Access to expert advice from all areas of law (including niche areas) within a single service;
    • Solutions tailored to your business that you can implement immediately;
    • Opportunities to get support for expansion abroad, thanks to our network of partners in 95 countries worldwide.

    Find out how at Wołoszański & Partners we optimise processes to generate savings and increase the efficiency of the company’s operations.