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    Legal protection with business pragmatism

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    Big law firm expertise with a personal touch
    Our unique character stems from our uncommon structure. We are not too small that we are limited by a narrow focus, yet not too big to be slowed down by bureaucracy. At WLAW, we offer expertise in numerous practice areas, delivered efficiently. We possess the agility and breadth to both know you well and serve you well. Large enough to offer expertise in a broad range of practice areas, yet small enough to provide prompt and personal attention.

    We offer high-quality legal services to a plethora of privately held businesses, from small to large. Regularly representing businesses in a vast range of industries including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service providers, consultants, independent contractors, health care and cosmetics providers, automobile dealerships, software companies, technology companies, restaurants, and construction companies.
    Let's get to know each other better.
    Our mission, vision & values
    At WLAW, we are on a mission to empower businesses through legal support that helps them move forward.
    A few buzzwords that mean something more to us.
    Our motto Legal Protection with Business Pragmatism is more than just a catchy slogan. It's the vision of our company, which we put into practice by considering whether or not each action will help clients solve problems and reach their goals in an efficient manner. We work in parallel with our client's existing processes and provide solutions that they can implement in their business right away. These solutions are then fine-tuned to work seamlessly within their organisation.
    Our values
    Our values: transparency. Woloszanski & Partners Law FirmTransparency
    Transparency is a priority in our messages and procedures, which builds trust and is a fundamental pillar of our relationships with our clients, partners, and colleagues.
    Our values: agility. Woloszanski & Partners Law FirmAgility
    In our world, one size does not fit all. Each enquiry is assessed on an individual basis to ensure we take the right approach to meet the client's specific legal needs. We have the flexibility to deliver a genuinely bespoke service.
    Our values: collaboration. Woloszanski & Partners Law FirmCollaboration
    We share our ideas and listen to others, building strong business relationships across the globe. We put a lot of emphasis on this, as it allows both parties to build on mutual ideas to spark business growth.
    Our facts & figures
    13+ years
    Market experience
    Participation in court hearings
    Representing in court cases
    95 countries
    International cooperation
    Welcome to our Warsaw office: Wołoszanski & Partners Law Firm

    Meet the team

    About Us
    Michał Wołoszański
    Michał Wołoszański
    Managing Partner of Wołoszański & Partners,
    INSEAD Global Executive MBA, attorney-at-law
    Marta Solarska-Kaleńczuk
    Marta Solarska-Kaleńczuk
    Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Proxy,
    Data Protection Officer
    Olga Kolomiiets
    Olga Kolomiiets
    Head of Marketing
    Ewa Weinar
    Ewa Weinar
    Attorney-at-law, Head of French Desk
    Kinga Miller
    Kinga Miller
    Partner of "Wołoszański & Partners", advocate,
    Approved Compliance Expert
    Łukasz Kudela
    Łukasz Kudela
    Attorney-at-law, Cryptocurrency Project Manager
    Patrycja Niksa
    Patrycja Niksa
    Malwina Guliyev
    Malwina Guliyev
    Ewa Sadownik
    Ewa Sadownik
    Chief Accountant
    Klaudia Trościańczyk
    Klaudia Trościańczyk
    Finance Manager
    Maria Fałowska-Kupis
    Maria Fałowska-Kupis
    Tax advisor, HR specialist
    Our team
    We are team of thinkers, makers, explorers and innovators across the landscapes of legal processes and technology.
    We are the WLAW team.
    We bring together qualified attorneys-at-law and advocates who combine knowledge of the law with experience in its application in business. Our team features executive MBA graduates and approved compliance officers, competition law experts and data protection officers. The WLAW experts are known for their success and acumen in handling particularly complex cases for international clients.

    A trust-based management culture is what defines us the most. We apply the saying: “no involvement – no commitment.”

    We work hard. And we try to work smart. We are the WLAW team.
    We are at home in these industries:
    Automotive industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmAutomotive & Transportation
    Our extensive experience in automotive product liability, business disputes, fuel and energy, finance and technology allows us to achieve outstanding results for our clients.
    Cosmetics industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmCosmetics & Pharmaceutical
    Working closely with our cosmetics clients for many years, we have gathered unique knowledge of the intricacies of this market. Take a look at our client's feedback on the quality of our service.
    Cryptocurrency industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmCryptocurrency & Blockchain
    At the heart of our cryptocurrency and blockchain practice is a deep understanding of their technology and legal considerations in different countries due to our intensive international cooperation and love for tech.
    IT and Telecommunication: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmIT & telecommunication
    Our strength is in understanding the technology behind processes. We are highly experienced in cases related to license and maintenance agreements, the roll-out of information technology infrastructure, level service agreements and much more.
    Aerospace industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmAerospace
    Our experts support clients in transactions and strategy engagements across the supply chain for commercial aerospace, including maintenance and repair, flight operations, and related aviation technologies and services.
    Marketing industry: Wołoszański & Partners Law FirmMarketing &
    Our team has extensive experience in the most common matters in the marketing and e-commerce sector, such as intellectual property protection, contractual rights and obligations, privacy, data security breaches, jurisdictional issues and competition.
    Is this an exhaustive list? Well, no.
    The above industries are our daily bread with hundreds, if not thousands, of handled cases. However, over the years in the profession, we have served companies in a variety of industries - construction and real estate, entertainment and gastronomy, the medical sector and fintech to name a few.

    Among our happy clients are:

    Alliott Global Alliance
    Alliott Global Alliance

    From the first days of our law firm, we saw the great potential that international projects bring, and thus the importance of smooth cooperation with law firms around the world. Until a certain time, we had been developing in this direction on our own. But joining the Alliott Global Alliance was the leap to another level of building business and social ties around the world.

    A modern vision for doing business, an open and ethical expansion strategy, dynamic growth with a family atmosphere in the relationships within the alliance – these were the arguments that prevailed for Alliott Global Alliance. We counted on this after the first discussions with the executive office, and the reality even exceeded our expectations.

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