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  • Thinking about starting a startup? It’s a thrilling yet challenging endeavor that needs careful planning. This startup legal guide is the entrepreneur’s roadmap to setting up a business step by step, especially in the dynamic Polish startup scene.

    Startup in Poland. How to start and grow a profitable e-business?

    If you have a business idea itching to be implemented, hold on, there’s more work to be done before it comes to fruition. Understanding how to start a startup involves various crucial stages. This comprehensive guide will highlight good practices and tools, making the process more seamless, especially the often-dreaded legal aspects.

    Starting a startup in Poland or elsewhere involves pivotal decisions such as choosing the legal structure for your startup. Will it be a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, or a joint-stock company? After this, you’ll delve into the business registration process which involves registering your business with authorities, obtaining necessary numbers, and taking out startup business insurance.

    Protecting startup intellectual property should be on your business startup checklist. Register your company name, logo, and ensure your inventions, designs, and trademarks are securely protected. The journey of online business setup also encompasses drafting agreements with employees, contractors, and customers, with utmost attention paid to data protection for startups, ensuring GDPR compliance for startups.

    How to set up a startup step by step with legal support

    We understand that these steps might appear daunting, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Our law firm offers comprehensive support to guide you through the legal intricacies. Let’s break down how you can set up a startup step by step with our help:

    Choosing Legal Form

    We assist in selecting the right legal form suiting your needs and preferences, preparing all necessary documents like contracts, statutes, and regulations, safeguarding your business activities.


    We make the startup company registration process smooth and quick, helping you fill necessary documents and representing you before public administration authorities.

    Investment Process

    You need not be an expert in the startup set up process, with our professional support, we guide you through project presentation, negotiation stages ensuring the agreement is legally sound and beneficial.

    Legal Documentation

    As part of the last step, we help prepare contracts with contractors, protect your intellectual property, and ensure the security of personal data. We’ll handle all legal documentation so you can focus on other critical business aspects.

    Startup - how to set it up? Find out more

    In conclusion, this article has touched on the basic legal elements of setting up a startup business. The journey to transforming your business idea into a successful reality involves more complexities. For a deeper understanding, reach out to our law firm. Our specialists, well-versed in the intricacies of registering and operating a new business in Poland, are ready to answer your questions and provide the assistance you need.

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    Do explore our detailed offerings on our website. For anyone wishing to set up and develop a profitable startup business, a startup lawyer is your best bet. With our expertise, you can confidently venture on your entrepreneurial journey.