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    Management of legal documents in outsourcing

    Find out how we can support you in the mapping of your procedures and legal documents.
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    Each lawyer’s work is, to a large extent, about working with documents. Contracts, files and pleadings require safe storage. However, without proper procedures, finding specific documents swiftly can be challenging. This article presents proven methods of managing documents and legal processes available by outsourcing legal services to our office.

    What problems are solved by outsourcing legal services?

    Staff turnover

    The introduction of a new employee at the company often verifies the organisation’s transparency and functioning of procedures concerning document flow. Handing over cases and procedures is usually more difficult the longer the company operates longer in the market. This is affected by the flow of time and imperfect human memory, but also staff fluctuation. Each company experiences cases of unexpected termination of cooperation with an employee, resulting in the risk of losing materials created during the period of their employment.

    This risk can be avoided with procedures guaranteed by the outsourcing of legal services.

    Decline in the effectiveness of team cooperation

    How much time in your professional life do you spend looking for documents or waiting for someone to deliver them? Do you ever wonder how wasting time affects your projects? It has been long known that manual processes slow work down. They are also a source of many mistakes caused by inaccuracies in records.

    Choose to outsource legal services for your company and watch your team’s efficiency grow.

    Need for data updates

    When you outsource legal services, you do not have to worry if your data is up-to-date. You always work on the current version of the contract, and if necessary, you know where to find the contract signed with the contractor. The necessary documents, procedures and arrangements with colleagues are available in one place.

    Security of data and correspondence

    An additional advantage of outsourcing legal processes is the confidentiality of information exchanged between an independent lawyer or a legal advisor and a customer. It is worth noting that the exchange of correspondence within a company or group of companies with internal lawyers is no longer covered by the obligation of professional secrecy.

    Therefore, if you want to maintain the confidentiality of correspondence, it will be safer for you to use the legal outsourcing service of a law firm.

    Are you looking for ways to reduce the costs of legal processes while at the same time improving efficiency? Meet us at a free consultation and get answers to all your questions.

    Lawyers show the client the procedures for managing legal documents

    Document flow in the legal department

    Secure storage of all types of documents and transparency of the respective procedures are extremely important throughout the organisation, especially in the legal department. The more issues we handle, the more documents we have, and organising them becomes a real challenge. In the legal sector, this is particularly important because the preparation stages of a contract or trial documentation often require many people to communicate information quickly and efficiently.

    Saving time and money

    The correct document management process guarantees that the team has easy access to the necessary information and materials, while protecting them from unauthorised access. Proper organisation of the document storage process not only helps everyday work but also saves time and money.


    By ensuring order in law-related processes, as well as precision and consistency in procedures, you don’t waste time searching for documents. The whole team has them at hand, as needed.

    This is possible only if you have a set of procedures for managing documents and processes that combine digitalisation, modern technology and project management methodology.

    Read the post about how legal projects are managed in the case of legal outsourcing.

    Documents in an electronic form

    Digitalisation and automation of processes have a significant impact on the competitiveness of companies, including in the legal area. This enables access to a secure archive on the one hand and facilitates the day-to-day work of lawyers while saving time on the other.
    Read more to know all the advantages of automation that your organization can achieve by outsourcing legal services.

    Coordinated processes

    Outsourcing legal services guarantee structured processes and transparent procedures that facilitate the work of your project teams. And clear procedures are exactly what is needed for the efficient performance of tasks and quick resolution of any emerging problems. The structured processes also help identification of legal risks before they become legal problems.

    See, how the law firm Wołoszański & Partners works to keep order in its customers’ procedures and legal documents. Working with us, you have 24/7 insight into the progress of the service through a dedicated online platform.

    Transparency of activities

    Using outsourced legal services and a dedicated system, you can monitor the implementation of the project on an ongoing basis and check the progress of work performed by your external lawyers. Through the Customer Panel on our website, you will check the estimated completion time of each stage and the number of hours spent so far on your project.

    Productivity gains

    The application of outsourced legal services and the resulting improvements will allow you to focus on the customers and development of your business, leaving the legal issues and organisation of the external law firm.


    Taking into account the benefits of structured processes and full transparency in business, it can be said that the outsourcing of legal services is a valuable solution worth considering.

    Do you need support in the mapping of your procedures and legal documents?

    The law firm Wołoszański i Wspólnicy offers a free consultation. Check if outsourcing legal services can help you improve efficiency at your company.