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    Our law firm at the 2022 EMEA Conference in Budapest

    Together with more than 100 worldwide members of Alliott Global Alliance.
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    The last three days flew by for our team like a flash. As expected, the 2022 EMEA Regional Conference organized by Alliott Global Alliance (“AGA”) was a great success, with exceptional speakers, sessions, and social activities!

    As the number of its members is growing continually, we were happy to meet and greet many new “AGA people” from all around the world. These new members include Finland🇫🇮, Netherlands🇳🇱, Morocco🇲🇦, Algeria🇩🇿 and Libya🇱🇾, Cameroon🇨🇲, Cyprus🇨🇾, France🇫🇷, Estonia🇪🇪, Serbia🇷🇸, Slovakia🇸🇰, Bulgaria🇧🇬, Sweden🇸🇪 and North Macedonia🇲🇰, India🇮🇳, Saudi Arabia🇸🇦, and many more.

    All in all, more than 100 law and accountant firms from over 40 countries participated in the conference.

    Woloszanski & Partners Law Firm at 2022 EMEA Regional Conference by Alliott Global Alliance

    As usual, the program was packed to the brim. And although each day differed from the previous one, it was always about the same thing: how we can together better serve our customers and support each other when working on international projects.

    Great speakers inspired us such as Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smith. Together with other participants, we actively discussed how to sharpen our mutual value to the client due to an even higher level of collaboration between the AGA members. Leaders of law and accounting firms from various countries shared best practices and the latest technology solutions that apply to business management and customer service.

    We also learned about the conditions of doing business in different countries and highlighted laws and taxation. Our dynamic lawyers are always interested and eager to learn such things. As they know that matters of this kind often come in handy when handling international cases for our clients, and they help to assess the opportunities and possible risks of ventures accurately and thoroughly.

    During the conference, our team enjoyed insights about doing business in Hungary???????? from Attila Mizsér – —Olympic gold medallist, coach and former Head of Treasury Sales at UniCredit Bank Hungary. Mizsér is a person who combines his sports achievements with his long-standing business experience in the VUCA environment. Michał Wołoszański, the Managing Partner of our law firm, of course, didn’t miss the opportunity to discuss the different perspectives on this fascinating business topic with other fellow panellists.

    Of all the benefits of being part of the Alliott Global Alliance, I most appreciate the openness, spirit of mutual support and bonds of friendship that bind its members together. It makes us feel confident working for clients in different jurisdictions around the world. We know we have great partners who will give their best and add value to the project. And for us, in turn, it’s one more reason to raise the bar on the quality of our services even higher, – concludes Michał Wołoszański.

    In the breaks and evenings, active business discussions flowed seamlessly into more relaxed conversations with a view of the beautiful city of Budapest. In such an atmosphere, any ice would break completely on the spot. However, the only ice that could be seen at this conference was ice in cocktail glasses.

    About Alliott Global Alliance

    Founded in 1979 and with over 210 member firms in 95+ countries, Alliott Global Alliance is an international alliance of independent law, accounting, and specialist advisory firms, working together across the world as one.

    Wołoszański & Partners is proud to be a member of Alliott Global Alliance, as the only one law firm member in Poland.

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